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Idiot Rant
Sunday, September 07, 2003  
5:39 PM

Friday, March 07, 2003  
What a week my friends, hmmm that is if anyone is still coming here looking for me to have written anything. I have been remiss in my duties as a blogmaster and am dutifully humble to myself and any other fans who may or may not read this drivel.

Let's see in the last week my boyfriend's store has started liquidation and both he and his son's birthday's have come and then to ice the cake the boyfriend's parents have come to visit from Mephis, Tennessee.

O.K. I'm exhausted just typing that.

So the boyfriend leaves for the liquor store with it's Dad and the first question the Mom asks is: " Has (the boyfriend) gotten a divorce yet?" Now, as you may guess that is a bone of contention for "the boyfriend " and I . So my first instinct is to say " NO the lazy unfeeling S.O.B. has not deemed it necessary to make final the abomination that was his marriage"

What I really say is " No, not yet"

Then the Mom says "Do you think "the former/present wife" still has some kind of hold on him?"

Now most of us would think "Gee, it's been seven years since we have been together and they were only together for approximately three years and she is thin and pretty and well I have put on a few pounds (read as about 50) and well you fill in the rest....okay."

But I answer "No, I don't think so ....not that I can tell"

Okay, at this point I reallly want to poke her eyes out for even bringing it up....and then I go on to say something like " I have given up talking about it" and bringing up the fact that if he had at some time in the recent past gotten a divorce I would be able to put him on my insurance at work and his son so he wouldn't be paying the exorbitant prices he is paying now for health insurance... all of which are not mitigating circumstances for my intense irritation at Him for not just taking care of old business.

Well how's that for a little light shed on the intimate part of my inner thinkings and complete humiliation at being with a man who has been married to a woman for ten years plus (of which they have been together less than three) and my being the "jezebel" in the eyes of the Bible, the liver in sinner as it were.

Oh, I know, you are all saying to your collective selves "Gee, what a pushover waiting that long ? What's wrong with her ? "

I too ask myself that question oh yes there have been ultimatums and other threats all of which I have never gone through with....well maybe one day it will push me over the edge and I will yell "ENOUGH"

Anyone with any thoughts on the whole matter please let me know....thanks and goodbye.

9:07 PM

Wednesday, February 26, 2003  
Okay, it is 4:45am and I am starting to hallucinate...trying to stay awake at work. I volunteered for this but now I am not sure.
No more caffeine please. I am avoiding getting ready for my boyfriends parents to come and visit ya know clean the house better than you normally ever do. Hide stuff in the closet, under the bed wherever. Just keep the lights dimmed and have only accent lighting and only invite them over at night and don't let them use the bathroom...hmmm that should do it. I also have two birthdays and a baby shower to deal with this month. (my niece is having a baby...eek) Very happy to receive my tax refund check.
Off the subject but what the hell is with all these shows about idols and bachelorettes and families and celebrities and non-celebrities surviving in the jungle/outback/rainforest marrying fake millionaires and well you know ...I know my life is pretty dull but God do we have to watch other dull people on T.V. Bring on the Christians and the lions.

Dammit I might have to start reading more...or maybe I'll just read other people's blogs all night.

To those wondering about my meds being adjusted I was just kidding I am not on meds despite what you may think is necessary

5:04 AM

Monday, February 24, 2003  
Good God can't they be more specific about where to paste this damned thingy
8:42 PM


7:58 PM

Well, it's Monday and I'm fine now, thanks. To all who may have been worried, I've had my meds adjusted and everything seems okay.
Back to work and my regular routine of basically looking busy...selling candy for Ian's school. Chocolate anyone?
Big huge puffy chunks of snow are falling and if I weren't so sick of being cold and paying RG&E $300.00 a month I might find it beautiful. Or if it were novel I would go make a snow angel (someone had pics of Manhattanites making snow angels in the street) *sigh*
Well I better go program the T.V. for must see viewing...oh the excitement...God bless Time Warner and their digital video recorders.

5:00 PM

Sunday, February 23, 2003  
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12:44 AM

Hey listen to this...My bunny did this. So you betta listen Brown Sugar [variation X], created by mr_xavier and presented through ACIDplanet.com
12:10 AM

Saturday, February 22, 2003  
I have to think that all my addictions are being kept track of by God...Or insert your favorite deity...
As my friend goes to buy cigarettes that cost more than a cafeteria lunch where I work.
And I wish that I could do coke the way I did when life was simple.
And I feel kinda sick from the cocktail I just drank 'cause I know that "hey it's a family thing"
And I know that the last fifty pounds I put on are just "you know your metabolism is slowing down"
And I wish I could pop speed and go out like it was 1985
And I wish that the fucking world wasn't gonna die, 'cause we're gonna go to War
And tell me why "I don't like Mondays"

11:46 PM

For all your non-essential "needs" check this out:

11:20 PM

check this Web page for fun music robotboy.net
10:56 PM

Sitting here and listening to Wall of Voodoo on the new wave station on the cable t.v. Aaaaah you know it's bad when you must revert to your hip days by listening to non-commercial cable while sipping Martinis in your too crowded apartment. Yes, you too have lived with that boyfriend who thinks it is still cool to have baker's racks to hold the stereo and thinks that all his stuff looks really neat on the computer desk with no drawers or places to hide shit. Shall we mention that the computer desk et al. are in the dining room... Okay, now that we are discussing it the basement holds a gurney from possibly the fifties that may at some time in the not forseeable future may (I reiterate) be used in some really avant garde photo shoot. Dammit he just mentioned the damned jewel cases from all the fucking C.D.s he now has inconveniently stored in unmarked black c.d. books that noone but he knows what lie there within...He will tell you to touch the outside, describe it over the cell phone and he will by texture of outside tell you what is in there. " Pleather with the ridge....yes that has the Nina Hagen"
10:53 PM

Okay, here we go into my own personal hell....
10:22 PM

Good God, Here it is and what the hell do I have to say?
10:10 PM

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